How to Change Tire

//How to Change Tire

How to Change Tire

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You see them on the side of the road, sometimes seemingly confident about fixing the problem, but other times just waiting for someone to stop and help. Where do you fit in the mix? Would you know what to do if you realized your tire was flat and you were all alone? If not, you’re not the only one. It’s amazing how many daily drivers would have no clue of what to do if their car went flat on the road. You’re forced to take a driver’s ed course, but nobody ever really makes you learn about tire changing.

So what are the reasons for needing to know how to a tire change? Many people probably think they’re okay because they think people will stop and help. That’s all well and good, and it’s nice to be so optimistic, but what about the times when nobody’s around to bail you out? Or what if you just have an unlucky spot where nobody stops to help you? Just like you don’t want to go out driving if you don’t know how to use the brakes, you probably shouldn’t be driving without being able to change a tire. It’s a pretty simple process, so it might be worth it to learn. Maybe you could be the one helping someone else out.

One of the most important things you will want to do when you need to change your tire is to find a flat tire repair and safe place. If you’re by the road, you’ll want to have as much distance as you can between you and passing traffic. Make sure you turn on your hazard lights so you are easily visible, and put in your parking brake. You might want a rock or another heavy object in front of one of your tires to keep the car in place.

Now you’re ready to take out the equipment. You’ll need your spare tire, a wrench, and the jack. If you don’t know how to use a jack, you will probably want to have somebody show you. Raise the jack just until the car is being supported, but not lifted.

The next step is removing the hub cap. You will need to use the wrench to loosen the nuts, counterclockwise, but don’t completely take them off. Before taking them off, you will want to pump the jack to get the tire from off the ground. You need to be able to get out the flat tire repair, and replace it with the new one, so you can gage how high you need to go. Now you can completely remove the nuts, and take off the flat tire.

Now that the old tire is off, you are ready to replace it with the new tire change. Make sure you align the rim with the wheel bolts properly, and replace the nuts. Use the wrench to make sure they are adequately tightened, but try not to disturb the jack.Without applying all the weight on your new tire change , you can begin lowering the car tire change. Continue tightening the nuts as much as you can and gradually lower the car to the ground. Remove the jack and put the hubcap back on properly.

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