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How to fix dead car battery

Click on link to get car boost and jump services Knowing about your car battery is important for the safety and maintenance of your vehicle. A car battery dead won't last forever. However, knowing how to properly maintain it will help you avoid problems and keep your battery operating for as long as possible. The battery is relatively easy to spot under the hood. It is a square or rectangle box that has two cables coming out of the top or back. These cables should be clean and free of any corrosion, which can appear as a white powder or [...]

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How to Change Tire

Click on the link for flat tire change with Scarborough Towing You see them on the side of the road, sometimes seemingly confident about fixing the problem, but other times just waiting for someone to stop and help. Where do you fit in the mix? Would you know what to do if you realized your tire was flat and you were all alone? If not, you're not the only one. It's amazing how many daily drivers would have no clue of what to do if their car went flat on the road. You're forced to take a driver's ed course, [...]

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